Breaking the marathon age group world record at 71.

What mid life athletes can learn from Jogger Jo


What if you could peak into a crystal ball and see what might be possible for your future self? What might you still be capable of in your 70’s? What are some of the things that if you do now will reap benefits in twenty or thirty years?

Well the future is here now. His name is Jo Schoonbroodt. At 71 he has just set a new marathon world record for the 70-74 age group: 2 hr 54 mins 19 secs.

We’re not suggesting that you can or will break world records in your 70’s. Jo took up running late, in his mid 30’s, and found his feet in midlife. There are things that he has tried and learnt along the way that now enables him to still run astonishing times. As mid life athletes we can all learn from Jo’s lessons whatever endurance athlete we might be.

Your 70 year old self will surely thank you for listening to Jo’s story.

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